10 most beautiful metro stations in the world


Some of the most beautiful places on earth lie just below the surface. For proof, look no further than T-Centralen in Stockholm, Sweden, which was simply called the most beautiful metro station in the world of Expedia.

The travel site used Google Trends to analyze the most mentioned metro stations in the US and Europe, but Expedia eventually chose the order of its top 10 listings and added several other hidden gems. Russia and Sweden often appeared in their research, so it’s no surprise that the stations in those countries provided the top two places on the Expedia list.

Called the “blue platform”, T-Centralen is the main station of the Stockholm metro system, and it is also one of the most decorative. Royal blue flowers and plant samples accumulate cave-like walls, and another section pays tribute to the workers who helped build the Metro. It was suggested that colored blue was chosen to help passengers from the suburbs feel more relaxed when they go about their busy days.

It was the first station in Sweden, which will show a work of art that originated from the 1956 competition to decorate the metro stations of the city. Over the years more than 20 artists have contributed their work to various stations throughout the city, some of which have tackled important social and environmental topics like women’s rights, inclusivity, and deforestation.

In second place is the Moscow station Kosomolskaya, which also has an interesting history of origin. When the Metro began operating in 1935, it was designed to help promote Soviet propaganda. Kosomolskaya station, named for the Komsomol Youth League workers who helped build the first Metro Line, had marble walls with gilded mosaics, crystal chandeliers, sculptures of fallen leaders, and painted scenes depicting important moments in Russian history. “Unlike the dirty, utilitarian systems of many cities around the world, the Moscow subway passes the former – but not forgotten – historical arena, which sought to bring palaces to the masses,” the report of Expedia said.

Most of the stations on the Expedia list are in Europe, but three are in the US, including two in New York and one in Washington, DC

Here are the top 10 lists:

1. T-Centralen Station (Stockholm, Sweden)
2. Station Kosomolskaya (Moscow, Russia)
3. Arts and station M├ętiers (Paris, France)
4. Station Wesfriedhof (Munich, Germany)
5. Metro station Toledo (Naples, Italy)
6. Staromestska Station (Prague, Czech Republic)
7. Metro station station (Washington, DC, USA)
8. Mayakovskaya station (Moscow, Russia)
9. Abandoned station of the municipality building (New York, USA)
10. Central Terminal of New York (New York, USA)