The world’s first poster of the film is subject to auction in London


Film fans, get your wallets out. Historical posters for some of the most famous films in the world are being raised for sale as part of the upcoming auction at Sotheby’s London, including a rare promotional poster designed for the very first show of the film, The Guardian reports.

“Original Film Posters Online” auction is your chance to own the Henri Bripospot picture of Lumière Cinematography, advertising the first admission-based public film screening. The December 1895 event of the Lumiere brothers in the Paris Salon lasted about 20 minutes, featuring short films of many brothers, using their specially made camera projector, cinématographe. The poster costs about $ 60,000 to $ 77,000.

The auction also includes original posters for films like Tiffany’s Breakfast, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, several James Bond films and King Kong. The features of the set have signed posters, painted advertisements for silent era films and concept art ranging in price from about $ 650 to almost $ 77,000. The poster of the Lumière brothers is the most valuable proposed party.

The offer price opens on August 28. You see all the items for the auction here or on display in London during this month.